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The Liminal Star is a magic space created by Nini, an heritage witch, healer, spirit channel and fence crosser based in Friuli, North-East Italy.
After two decades of practice and learning from direct sources as well as books, Nini’s life is now dedicated to making her experience available to other women, as she firmly believes in the deep transformation power of spiritual healing and development and her goal is to be the guide she wished she had when she was first starting off.
Her history as alone practitioner, along with her in-depth studies of witchcraft, history, dream work and channelling, puts her in a place of deep understanding of a woman’s needs in term of finding and walking their own spiritual path throught healing and reconnecting with the divine feminine.
Nini believes in the importance of igniting life-changing transformations through understanding our own balance, healing from trauma, establishing a deep communication with ourselves, our spiritual guides and powerful ancestors and our higher self in order to discover our soul purpose and manifest the life we always wanted to live.

Nini is a certified Spirit Channel and through her lifelong devotion to Hekate, the creator of the Hekatean Cave Path course and the Hekatean Activations, a series of energy work videos that merge channelling and Hekatean energy in a way never done before.

In 2022 she joined the Isis Ka program, becoming a certified practitioner and Priestess of goddess Isis (Auset). 
She now offers powerful channeled  Isis Frequency Sessions and will be leading a deep healing group journey called “Isis Temple of Shadows”, directly channelled from Goddess Isis.

Nini approaches her work with openness, understanding and deep honesty and integrity both about the her experience and to the people who work with her.

If you feel in need of compassionate, patient guidance.
If you feel confused about your purpose in this life
If you feel “in the wrong place” but are not sure about how to set yourself free
If you have already some experience, but feel stuck by past trauma, limiting beliefs and grief
If you feel disconnected from your inner divine spark and dream of a time of freedom and sovereignty

If you are ready to change your life for good, starting a journey of transformation and manifestation as you couldn’t imagine you would be able to experience…

Nini is available for readings, teaching, coaching and private consultations.

If something I wrote resonated with you, or if you want more detailed information about the available services, if you feel ready to start your life-changing journey but are unsure where to befin, feel free to contact us at or throught the contact form on this website.

*Nini is also known online as Magne Nere: The name refers to the fact that it is said that friulian witches could turn into animals, the most iconical one being the colubro black snake, harmless for humans but very impressive.
The name of the snake in Friulian language is “Magne Nere”(big black one).