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The dire times we are living in can prove especially difficult for witches, empaths, mediums and higly
perceptive people.
In this lesson, I will guide you through the basics of mediumship and ways to deal with disembodied
spirits in high tension conditions.
In general, this would happen in any situation where a number of souls find themselves out of their bodies
and seek guidance, direction and comfort from the only people who can see them. This lesson will help
you make informed choices in terms of the actions you can take to manage the situation.
This applies not only in the pandemic landscape we are living in now but also in any other tragic situation
like accidents, shootings, natural disasters and so on, as it is fundamental to know where we stand and
how to deal with these spirits both for our wellbeing and theirs.
This lesson is best paired with Lesson 6: Covid Management

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Friulian Witchcraft 7 – EMERGENCY MEDIUMSHIP