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Hekate (and me)

Hekate is a Greek Goddess associated with Magic, the Moon and, more importantly, Liminal Spaces such as crossroads and caves.
Hekate is VAST: Her history spans thousands of years and probably originates among the great Anatolian Mothers: scholars wrote extensively about her, and I will give you an abundance bibliographical references.
In the human experience, it seems impossible to me to be able to embrace the whole of her in a single glimpse (or in a single life) but, at the same time, I saw her choosing how much and what to show to each of us, stretching our abilities to comprehend the divine as well as ourselves.
This being said, we still need to agree on a series of points:

(pic by Dadalux)

WHAT DO WE NEED TO KNOW (and what we agree upon)

Hekate is the goddess of crossroads and thresholds.
She holds the keys to these places (and the cosmos) and is recognized to be the connection between the humanity and the divine as well as the separation among the two sides.
As such, Hekate is the goddess of the LIMINAL: she inhabits the places that are (physically, spiritually or symbolically) IN BETWEEN.
Not just that: she IS the liminal space, as she is the threshold to the divine (this concept is fairly philosophical, I realize, and related to her role in the Chaldean Oracles).
Similarly, as Enodia, she is the Goddess of the roads as well as the road itself.
Through this concept, she allowed me to create a course that is also a liminal space itself (the cave) in which transformation can be achieved in more powerful, unexpected ways.

Hekate is also a “worker from afar”, which is one of the possible translations to her name as well as a very good description to her approach.
Working with her, I learned to attune myself to her way to quietly point me towards needed to be done rather than being a strong presence.
Hekate will give you signs, but she will also require you to be present and receptive, as her ways can be subtle even when the energy is so strong.
Quoting “Lost Goddesses of Early Greece”:

                    “Hekate shared clues to her secrets. 
                     Those who believed understood”,

She never gives the full solution to the puzzle.
She is also a Goddess that will very seldom appear outside the sacredness of a ritual and working with her energy is very much like trying to fit the sea in a funnel.
(pic: unknown)

Nevertheless, she has ways, one of which is allowing us to work with members of her court: spirits, other deities like Circe, Medea and Medusa and a type of Nymphs called Liminales (“of the threshold”). Lampades or Avernales (“of the underworld”). Liminal Nymphs act as messengers and help us establish a clearer communication with Hekate.

My experience of Hekate is that she values self work much more than any other possible form of devotion.
She wants us to evolve and improve. She wants to see us taking up and doing the sacred work.
In this, this whole course is my devotional work for her 
(and can be yours as well) as she values “brain sweat” more than gold.
Especially, she values truth and action much more than words and declarations, so be mindful of that as well.

HEKATE’S EPITHETS: A Goddess of many names

Epithets are my favorite thing about Hekate: they are descriptive titles that also act as labels to specific energy frequencies that are part of the vastity of Hekate herself.
There are more than 200 recorded Epithets, spanning from
“Tender” (Atala) to “Scourge Bearer” (Mastigophoros),
to the more known “Queen of the Dead” (Anassa Eneroi),
“Three Formed” (Trioditis),
“Keeper of the Keys” (Kleidouchos),
“Nurse of the young” (Kourotrophos),
“Torch Bearer” (Lampadios – Phosphoros)
and so many more, showing how vast and complex she is as a deity and how many forms she is able to take and has taken during the long history of her worship.
(pic by Nona Limmen)

My personal Hekate is Chtonic (of the underworld) and three formed, but yours doesn’t have to be. Just take notice of how it appears to you, as some Epithets/Frequencies will come in our aid during this journey.

WHAT SHE IS NOT (let’s put some crap to rest)

Hekate is NOT a crone goddess. The idea of her as “crone” is a modern interpretation related to the one that sees the triple goddess as “maid, mother and crone”. Let’s just not.
Hekate is NOT an “evil” goddess: if you are in this network, you should be well beyond the concept of dark as dangerous and evil (but even if you aren’t) Hekate is so vast that only part of her is connected to the underworld.
In fact, she is described as “of the sky, the earth and the sea” (Ourania, Chtonia, Einalia) in my much beloved and often quoted Orphic Hymn to Hekate.
Hekate is NOT a “savior” mother Goddess: in many neo pagan circles, goddesses are often painted with a vague Christ-like (but intensely Christian) patina of saviors and gift givers. The idea is that you pray, wish or ask them for a favor and obtain it without doing the necessary work. This is what Jason Miller calls “Dial-a-Goddess” and definitely not how things really are.

I’m offering you three possible options.

-Dip your toe in her energy through the Hekatean Activations

-Work with me in my Transformation Temple, allowing me to mentor you through your connection with Hekate, her magic and her powers.

-Enroll in the Hekatean Cave Path, a self paced course hosted by the Dark Goddess Collective