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The Isis Ka Frequency Transmission is a powerful energy work modality that will help you reach a stronger alignment to your Soul Purpose by removing blocks, rising your vibration and connecting you to your soul gifts.

Maybe you’ve been calling in your soul purpose for a while, maybe you’ve been practising energetic work but know there’s another level, maybe you’re already successful in business

But you can feel there is more.

 The next level of your life comes from you embodying MORE of your soul.

If you know you have a soul purpose here to live, and you’re ready to create a life that reflects your soul, the Isis Ka Frequency Transmissions are a great place to start, especially if you are considering the full Ka Body activation but want to start preparing and getting in touch with Isis beforehand.

 What to Expect From a Session:

Isis Ka sessions are held over zoom and last about 45 minutes during which I will be directly channelling goddess Isis to:

-Work on your energy body to shift blocks and trauma, eliminating limiting beliefs, removing stagnant energies
-Realign your energy body
-Clear and Activate your energy centers to help you get in touch with your higher self and gain clarity over your purpose.
-Anchor your energy body and connect it with the higher realms
-Directly Channelling Isis’s messages for you about your soul purpose, your gifts and your unique powers.

These sessions are powerful and moving and they might be very different from person to person.
Sessions can be done singularly or as part of a longer treatment depending on the needs and desires of the client.
I personally think that it would be ideal to have a session every 2-3 weeks for a couple of months, but you can start with one and see how it feels.

What receivers can expect to achieve after the sessions
(results may vary basing on the number of sessions)

– Rememberance of their soul and who they came here to be
– Clarity on their soul purpose and soul mission work
– Deepened soul alignment in life and business
– Attracting soul based relationships 
– Activating soul and psychic gifts
– Deepening the psychic channel
– Expanded energy and creativity 
– Open and activated throat chakra and enhanced self expression
– Open and activated heart chakra


Session Package : 4 sessions  – 500 USD
(payment plan available, email me at



“I went into my Isis Ka Session with Nini having an open mind and no expectations. Without a doubt Nini is gifted. My session was incredible and more than I ever could have imagined. Nini was on point and was able to remove a lot of resistance and energetic blockage in me and propel me into an unexpected state of remembrance. I feel energetically expanded, have been receiving visions of past memories directly related to my soul’s purpose and feel an activation of some kind happening within me that is still hard to put into words. The messages I got from Nini and Isis where exactly what I needed. I have a much clearer understanding of my soul’s purpose now and even who I am. I highly recommend an Isis Ka Session with Nini. You won’t be disappointed. I am so grateful!”

Rochelle Haisley


“The day before our appointment I’d had endings for two major blocks in my foundation in the same night. It was a lot to take in and pass through, and going into our appointment I was still feeling those things pulling on me. As soon as I got on the call I genuinely felt at ease, and very neutral, unattached in a healthy way. Just upon interacting with you.
Allowing you to work through my energy, blocks, and bring awareness to aspects of myself that I hadn’t quite acknowledged…or things that I felt intuitively but hadn’t ever put in words being brought up and verbally reinforced was.. moving to say the least. I felt a shift in both my perspective and inside my body, visually everything became brighter and clearer, and in my body, I felt my roots grow deeper and my vibration higher.
Working with you in 45 minutes helped me break through aspects I’d been struggling with like cutting through butter. The depth of knowledge, insight, and compassion… the desire to help, heal and grow others that emanates from you is beautiful and I feel honored to have been able to work with you!! I appreciate you and your time immensely “



It was quite intense, I could feel the energies shifting and felt held and protected by the same time.
I wasn’t really sure what to expect and was open to the experience and it was just beautiful to feel the energies and to receive the messages of goddess Isis, which were confirming to myself and empowering.
Nini guided me really well through the whole process, I felt comfortable and save to express myself, good vibes. 🙂
I received confirmation on what I already felt for a few weeks, I feel empowered and it’s crazy what happened just in a few days. I feel so grounded, my life force in coming back, I am able to take such good care of myself during difficult times and still be able to stay true to myself and direct my energy on the most important things in my life, I feel that there are big changes coming. Breaking the husk!



I experienced the shared message as very positive & interesting. During the session I felt safe + widening of my energy + calming of the cramps in my uterus.
-Attention & care for safety (through her calming energy and communication about what the session was going to be like).
-Widening of energy.
-Asking questions (exploring in a dialogue instead of “this is how it is”).
-Light Language.
-Sharing the channeled message.
-Taking time for a comfortable closing (and answering questions if there were any).
An interesting and positive experience with Isis Ka (I felt a bit distanced about it before, not a real connection with Isis or not really interested in Isis Ka. Now feel a kind of a connection with Isis and I am more intrigued by Isis Ka).
I felt more grounded afterwards. 
I also felt a kind of… confirmation or affirmation about my own heart energy (not sure how to explain this).
Nini handled it very professionally and exceeded my expectations!



It was a really good session and Nini was very sweet and kind and explained what was going to happen in the session in the beginning, which was really nice. I could definitely feel her kindness even through zoom!
I really liked how Nini explained what was going to happen during the session, at the beginning of the session. She also let me know if I had any questions I could always contact her, which is always super good to know! Nini is so sweet and you can really feel how she cares so it made me feel like I was in really good hands. She touched on lots of things that I already knew to be true, so there’s no doubt she’s good at what she does!

I’ve felt a bit lighter since, not sure if that makes sense, but in a good way! Nini also mentioned my dreams might become more vivid after the session, and holy smokes was this true – have been dreaming like crazy😂



It was such a lovely experience.
I felt so seen and treated with so much respect and care. Nini shared her own experience and made me feel seen and made me feel that my experience is valid and it’s safe to be me.
I felt worthy of being me after the session.




My experience with was insightful and healing. I was feeling super stuck before and was able to gain more clarity. Nini trance channelled Isis and it was as good as I expected it to be! I gained clarity on how to move forward.






It was great with lot of insights. I’m very grateful for it. The energy was strong and deep.
The whole thing was a round thing. I can’t imagine that it could have been better than it was. One thing I would like to mention, when Nini spoke light language and moved her hands I got the impression that her soul knows how to do it since the beginning of time. It was so natural and flowing.
The session gave me clarity in some topics and that’s awesome.
But also that I gained insight about things I should work on and the session pointed me in a direction that felt right but I wasn’t aware of.





The session was awesome! I really appreciated all of the information she gave me, so much potent stuff and a lot to work/focus on!
When she was channeling isis and using her light language she would stop and quickly tell me what was happening (“she’s working on your heart” “she’s speaking to your inner child”) which just made me feel more connected to Nina and isis herself. I appreciated that!
I have a direction now and I know healing my mother wound/ inner child is of most importance!!