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About the Isis Ka Modality

This modality was channelled through Priestess and Spirit Channel Athina Bailey directly by Isis and then taught to a selected group of energy practictioners.
I entered the Isis Ka program in 2022 and I saw my life change before my eyes in a matter of a few months.

Isis Ka is a very powerful modality and, therefore, it’s not for everybody.
The key purpose of Isis’ energy is to ACTIVATE us into our powers and, most importantly, into our soul purpose by removing blocks and recalibrating our energy.

This modality can be used to activate the 16 channels that creates and hold the Ka body, the ethereal vessel our Soul can reside and be anchored in to be fully embodied.
Embodying the soul means that our soul gifts and soul purpose, our highest calling in this incarnation, is brought online and anchored into our reality.
An embodied soul is a beacon: it calls in our life people, experiences and environments that are alignmed with our deepest self and allow us to fully live the life we desire.

​Isis Ka is all about embodying our purpose: her strongest message is for spiritual people, witches and light workers to come “online”, be activated and start creating the reality they desire, knowing that their work will create positive ripples around them.
Many of the people I worked with experienced a fast alignment and received direct messages from Isis about how to embody their highest gifts, heal their blocks and start creating positive change around and within themselves.



The Isis Ka Activation Method™ is a series of activations to support you in  deepening your  psychic senses, aligning with your soul purpose and embodying your highest self.

Isis Ka Activation Method™ will take activate through the 16 levels of your ka, working through things like your worthiness, psychic gifts, etc so you can embody a soul aligned life.

In this powerful 4 month program you’ll get to know deeper parts of your life, and shift on an energetic level.


What is a Ka body?

  • Ever heard of a light body? Our Ka is the body of our soul. Currently, at this time on earth, the Ka body is the most important one for us to activate to support the shift into 5D.
  • Every person has one, however, most people unless they have consciously activated and worked with it have a dormant one.
  • The Ka is the light body that exists through 3D-6D and allows you to anchor in your soul and higher self across these dimensions into your realm.
  • It connects us like a portal to spirit, dimension and form that allows us to become fully ascended humans in our body.
  • The Ka body is literally a vehicle the higher self can descend into matter
  • Ka energy itself is very high vibrational, when it is brought down and fills the Ka channel it is a massive vibrational shift 


In this program we support the activation of your ka body by working with your Ka channels & Ka template using the Isis Ka Activation Method™

The Isis Ka Activation Method™ supports the anchoring of your unique soul blueprint, to activate what has been dormant in you so that you can gain more clarity around who you are at a soul level and what you came here to do,

This series of activations is meant to spark what has been dormant within you. It is calling forward your unique soul blueprint to be anchored into your body and start activating so that you can gain more clarity around who you are and what you came here to do.

In this program we go deep together to activate what has been dormant within you. It is an activation program design to activate your Ka body.

Are you wanting to:

  • You want to deepen your relationship to spirit & your intuitive and psychic senses.
  • Become the highest version of yourself
  • Deepen your connection to your soul, and energy
  • Activate dormant soul gifts to embody more of your unique magic
  • Release what is holding you back from embodying your highest self
  • Align with your soul purpose and embody the work you do here
  • Step into your soul path and soul alignment

Maybe you’ve been calling in your soul purpose for a while, maybe you’ve been practising energetic work but know there’s another level, maybe you’re already successful in business

But you can feel there is more.


The next level of your life comes from you embodying MORE of your soul.

If you know you have a soul purpose here to live, and you’re ready to create a life that reflects your soul, you’re in the right place


This is for you if…

You’ve been on the path of spirituality and you’re ready to shift into a new vibrational level

You’re wanting to activate dormant gifts and abilities

You can feel a calling to do your soul work 

You’re wanting to embody a deeper connection to your soul

You want a deeper connection to Goddess Isis

Ultimately, you;re wanting to embody a fully soul aligned life


This is not for you if…

You don’t believe in energy work

You’re not interested in creating a soul aligned life

You’re not ready to take action on the intuitive nudges that come from the energetic work


The 16 levels of our Ka create a grid, a support structure for our Soul to be anchored in our bodies, allowing us to fully embody it and our Soul Purpose.

Each level corresponds to a specific activation in our energy body in relation to our soul purpose, our gifts, our abilities to embody the divine, our abilities to channel and connect, our consciousness and so on.

A receiver of a full Ka activation can expect to achieve:
– Rememberance of their soul and who they came here to be
-Clarity on their soul purpose and soul mission work
– Deepened soul alignment in thier life and business
– Attracting soul based relationships (not karmic)
– Activating soul and psychic gifts
– Deepening the psychic channel
– Expanded energy, creativity
– Activated sexual energy and sexual pathways for spiritual and self work
– Open and activated heart chakra
– Shifting cells to resonate on a higher frequency providing quantum shifts in their life


As the Channel Activations need to be spaced out by at least a couple of weeks, the full activation requires a minimum of 8 sessions, during which I will directly channel Isis to:
-Activate your Ka blueprint
-Remove blocks and align your energy 
-Activate 2 levels 
-Charge activated levels
-Relay any messages from Isis and work on your energy, bringing clarity on your soul purpose.

The sessions needs to be at least 2 weeks apart, to allow you to fully integrate, making for a total duration of four months.
The sessions will be held on zoom and will take about an hour.

Cost per session: USD 180