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Spiritual Management in a Crisis Situation


This monograph is dedicated to exploration of the relationship between Witches (lightworkers, wild folk etc) and the community in a crisis situation.
In times of unrest such as we are living now, we often have a hard time managing our own energy, the energy of people around us, the tension in the shared spirit of our community, the hate and the divide between factions of people feeling scared and unsafe. 
In parallel, the spirit world would be in turmoil: newly deceased people have a hard time themselves, finding the way to the other side while being often attracted to us and our energy, requiring an empathetic, understanding yet firm management on our part.

What follows is based on my experience as witch and fence crosser in Italy during the 2020-2022 pandemic and the times of political and social unrest that followed.
This monograph stems from former lessons 6 and 7 of the Friulian Witchcraft series written in 2020 (No longer available for purchase, as they became obsolete and will be redone to focus on Spirit Work only) but evolves and greately expands the material as other elements of distress emerged and needed to be dealth with.

I tried to cover them all in this long monograph.

The themes discussed in this monograph are:

-The role of witches in their communities
-Personal energy and Mood Management
-The magic of Boundaries
-Protection and Purification of spaces and people
-Drawing health and abundance into your home
-Mediumship Basics
-Spirit Communication
-Managing your exposure to wandering spirits
-Managing spirit activity in your house