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I am  available for private readings with the goal of helping you find and maintain your alignment, connect with your guides, find clarity and draw a course towards the next step in your personal, spiritual and business evolution.


My readings are based on psychic perception and channelling
and focus on your alignment and purpose, as I firmly believe direction is everything when it comes to our growth as spiritual beings.
These readings are deep and powerful and can become a turning point if you are ready to take the necessary steps to bring yourself to your next level in life and in your spiritual development.
I especially recommend them to people who want more information on their Soul Purpose, how to gain and mantain alignment to it and how to start embodying it to live a free, fulfilling life.
Even when we already know what our purpose is, regular readings are a fundamental tool to mantain alignment and prepare ourselves to get to our next level.


-You are looking for a deep, detailed overview of your situation, especially under a spiritual point of view
-You want to gain clarity and connect to your spiritual team
-You are looking for a clear path to take you out of your current situation 
-If you know you are ready to “level up” but need guidance and clarity  on what to do next
-If you seek contact with a specific Guide for a specific task.
-You are looking for a full “no stone unturned” dive into your spiritual and personal landscape, its shape, hidden paths and magic, powerful dwellers.



Due to differences in time zone and most people having a busy life, this format has become the most popular and convenient.

At the time of booking, the Client will be requested to write down a maximum of 3 questions along with a backup contact and will receive a recorded response in a couple of days’ time. 
If there are less than 3 questions or if the client just wants me to focus on their general situation, I will dedicate the whole time to that task.
This method allows me to take more time and deepen my analysis of the situation without the time restrictions of the live appointments, while providing the client with a response that can be  listened multiple times at their leisure.
I will be available for clarifications after the recording has been sent.


-I will tune into your energy, doing a full check of your energy body to identify your blocks and strenghts, taking note of what needs healing and improving and what are the assets you already possess.
-I will investigate the direction your current situation is taking
and evaluate possible outcomes, pointing out what’s the most aligned course of action for you.
-I will then call in your spiritual Team,
identifying the Guide that is most willing and able to help you in your current situation.
-I will bridge them for you, relaying their message
and giving you clarity on what to do next.
-If it pertains to your questions, I will also sketch out a plan of the next steps your Guides suggest you should take
in order to achieve your goal.
-Finally, I will send you an exensive recorded (audio) recap of my findings,
including direct channelling from your guides, their description etc.


Deep Insight on your current situation
A clear view of the dynamics at play
A connection line with your Spiritual Team and their specific guidance 
A comprehensive overview of your spiritual assets, blocks, healing needs 
Clarity on what steps need to be taken next
A better understanding of your Purpose, your alignment and a sketch of the best course of action to start embodying it!
Business and relationship insight in connection to your purpose and personal direction

 200 USD



READINGS WILL NOT COVER QUESTIONS ABOUT and are not to be considered as professional advice for matters regarding: HEALTH AND PREGNANCY, DEATH, LEGAL or PROFESSIONAL ISSUES.
Readings are to be intended as guidance and will analyse the involved dynamics while remembering that the future is not fixed and, therefore, is impossible to foretell.