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 Before starting a healing journey and in its early stages, we are like trees that grew bent by the wind.

Trauma and its avoidance MOLD US deeply. They change us, they bend us and twist us into survival forms.
Into unhappy, suffering forms.

Even if we think we left a traumatic event in the past, it becomes like the closet filled with clutter we avoid to open the cause we know all the crap will just fall off and roll around the room.
So, we avoid it.
We avoid thinking of it, we push it down where we don’t see it.

But there is no way to really ignore the stink and in time, there will be full rooms, full aspects of ourselves we don’t access anymore for fear of the clutter.
We lose the memory of how the house looked before and perhaps even its shape.
We allow trauma to dictate how we move on our spaces, living in anxiety and in a constant fight or flight condition because it nags at us.we can hear it.
But, you see… It’s not going anywhere and IT GETS WORSE.
Even if the pain is less raw, AVOIDANCE EATS OUR LIVES AWAY, forcing us on narrowed paths of constant pressure and pain.
We don’t notice how far it brings us from our true, unwounded, serene if not happy self.

And the catch is: We need to get rid of the clutter in order to open spaces in our lives that can be filled with love, abundance, healty relationship and growth.
The Healing work is necessary in order to expand: we can’t have one thing without the othe



So I ask you: What would that self look like? Where are they?

✨ If you are ready to ask yourself these questions, to begin a quest where you are at the same time the savior and the person being saved, THE HEALING FLAME JOURNEY is definitely for you.

✨ I will lead you through an Healing Spark Activation and a series of four 1:1 Healing Sessions, providing support throughout the journey that leads you back to yourself.
It’s an amazingly powerful, deep, compassionate channelled process designed to lead you deep into yourself and work specifically on what is stopping you from reconnecting with your best, free, sovereign self.



The Healing Flame Journey

The Healing Flame Journey is a channelled process that starts with an activation (The Healing Spark, also available on its own) that allows me to help you identify which blocks and traumas have the most influence on your life, the ones that constrict your path and make you act small, the ones that suppress your gifts and your true voice.

It starts with a chat via Instagram DM or Email once you scheduled the activation.
We will  dicuss what keeps you up at night and what are your needs and goals, and I will proceed with the ACTIVATION, that allows me to access the roots of your trauma and send energy specifically there.

This is a highly personalised and structured way to approach trauma.

We will then schedule your FOUR 1:1 HEALING SESSIONS, spacing them in order to allow you to integrate healing as we work through your issues.
I recommend a session every 10-15 days: you will really need that resting time in between as the process is very powerful.
Resting and integration are important and I will be available to support you in between sessions.

✨The goal of the journey is to untie the knots that limit you and keep you away from manifesting your true self, your goals, your ideal job and relationships, the full and unchained version of YOU.
✨Have you ever imagined her/them?
✨How do they stand?

✨How do they behave?
✨What does their life look like?

Are you ready to really start moving in that direction?
I am very excited to accompany you and beyond happy to get you closer to them.

The VIP Option includes 3 full months of coaching, to boost your growth and development while healing and really male the most of this process. 




Healing Journey: 600 USD
VIP : 900 USD
Payment Plans available, contact me for more info.