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The Hekaten Cave Path is a self paced journey held in a liminal space that carries the energy of goddess Hekate to support you in your unique journey through the healing of trauma, into embodying your sovereign self and connecting with the Divine in your own special way.

This container is conceived to be an intimate group journey during which you will be supported, guided and empowered by the energy of Hekate that will lead us Beyond our current limits, beliefs and fears.
Its energy and structure, as well as all the activations and healing, are directly channelled from Hekate herself, as unique and direct source.
For this reason, the cohort will be extremely intimate and I will be able to give my full attention to all participants, personalising your experience within the Path and creating a safe environment of mutual witnessing where everybody is supported and held.

The Hekatean Cave Path is a SPIRAL journey, bringing you a different experience every time you go through the lessons and the required work.
Its unique energy dynamic will help you shift through issues as the emerge, solving blocks and healing a new layer of you every time you need it.
The powerful presence of Hekate and the carefully crafted lessons will provide you tools you will be able to use throghout your spiritual growth.
We encourage you to approach it as such, going back to the lessons every time you feel the need for a specific energy to be shifted.

In this course, individuality and personal wisdom are higly celebrated in a sacred, non-hyerarchical space.
What we want for you to happen is to learn how powerful your are, to trust your intuition and recognise your wisdom and experience as always valid.
This is your journey and, by the end of it, you will have all the tools to be Sovereign and independent in your spiritual life.
Living in Sovereignty and embracing your true purpose will lead to major shifts in your life, giving you access to better relationships, mental and physical health, family and love life, abundance and so on.
You will be able to experience how much easier life can be when we live in alignment with our true selves.

Through shadow work, rituals, guided healing and activations we will shed the trauma and blocks that are preventing us to embrace our true and sovereign selves, igniting and witnessing profound transformations before we emerge from the Cave as witches and women of power able to connect with our psychic gifts, powerfully expressing ourselves, able to connect fully with the Divine and our ancestral energies.

The cohort will be extremely intimate and I will be able to give my full attention to all participants, personalising your experience within the Path and creating a safe environment of mutual witnessing where everybody is supported and held.

What You’ll Get From The Hekatean Cave Path –

As a student, you’ll get a few great benefits from being here:

  • Access exclusive content. We’ve designed The Hekatean Cave Path to be an experience able to meet you wherever you are in your journey, giving you the necessary tools to start shifting traumatic energy, remove your blocks and step into your sovereign self.
    A great deal of attention is given to the theme of you Soul Purpose, with the end goal of facilitating life changing transformation.

  • Be held in a Sacred, Liminal Space created by channelling the energies of Goddess Hekate and her teachings about healing, growth and sovereignty.

  • Be supported by an experienced channel and mentor, able to hold you and guide you throughout this journey.

  • Become part of a loving and supporting community, witnessing  and celebrating each other evolution. 

  • Get results. As you dive into the course content and meet the community here in The Hekatean Cave Path, you’re on a path of radical transformation.
    While it’s not necessarily easy, the transformation we’ll get together matters.

The Hekatean Cave Path: How Does it Work?

The Hekatean Cave Path is a self paced journey divided in 3 main phases that will lead you through healing into a Sovereign, Soul Led life.
During the first one, we will work on Healing throught Shadow work and targeted activations, aiding in the removal of trauma and opening the space for growth and experiencing the divine.

During the second phase we will start working on Embodiment, creating routines and rituals that truly serve us as well as reconnecting with our higher self, our ancestors and spiritual guides and starting to create and embody our Sovereign Self.

Lastly, the third phase will focus on our Soul Purpose: how to connect with it, becoming a conduit for the divine, becoming our own compass in connection to the spirit world. We will hone the tools we need to start living in alignment with our Purpose and create the life and relatioships our Soul desires and deserves.

The First Cohort of the Hekatean Cave Path started their journey on January 10th, 2023, on the Dark Goddess Collective private network.